AIRMAKERS heating and Air Discounts for San Diego

AIRMAKERS heating and Air Discounts for San Diego

All through July AIRMAKERS Heating and Air will be providing discounts on new Rheem air conditioning units in honor of our country’s independence. Receive $100 off any Rheem system to cool your home and cool your family. In some cases your savings will be a lot more and your comfort, never better.
Granted, the temperature in San Diego has been a bit below normal with the thick marine layer keeping the majority of the city cool, but the sun has been slowly breaking out and many San Diego air conditioning contractors expect things to heat up pretty quickly. When it does, there may be a rush to purchase new AC units. AIRMAKERS urges San Diegan’s to plan ahead and call them today. They will send out a San Diego air conditioning specialist to inspect your home and recommend the right system that will work for both your comfort level and your budget.

It is not uncommon for AIRMAKERS to offer discounts to its customers. Ever since 2004, they have been providing San Diegan’s with air conditioning and heating systems at prices they can afford. They are not only known as the San Diego air conditioning specialists, but as a mom and pop shop who are sympathetic to struggling families. Times are tough and AIRMAKERS wants to be part of the solution and not the problem.

AIRMAKERS also offers discounts to our military personnel, not just in observance of our independence, but as a practice. It’s AIRMAKERS way of saying thank you to the brave men and women who have been putting their lives on the line. AIRMAKERS also knows how some family members left behind struggle so they will go out of their way to make their systems affordable and practical for military families.

If that isn’t enough, AIRMAKERS also offers discounts to seniors. It’s our elderly that suffer the most in hot weather and it is not always easy for them to find ways to keep cool. They have less access to swimming pools and are often bound to their homes for medical reasons. This can make hot weather especially dangerous for them so AIRMAKERS provides affordable air conditioning to San Diego seniors to help them stay cool.
Combine AIRMAKERS discounts with the rebates you will receive from the government and the savings you will get from having a brand new, efficiently running air conditioning unit, and you can save big this summer. AIRMAKERS complies with ENERGY STAR standards so you know their systems are energy efficient.

Whether you are in the military, a senior or just someone who wants a good deal, AIRMAKERS heating and air has made San Diego air conditioning available and affordable to our community. Give them a call now and start saving today. When the heat finally arrives, your family will love you for it.

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