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Big Deals for Ductless, Mini-Split-System Heat Pumps around the San Diego Area

With regards to San Diego heating and air conditioning companies, winter can be a astonishingly stressful time of the year. Considering the area just got through its coldest summer in 75 years, they’re not taking any chances.At the moment, temperatures appear to be fairly moderate, and in fact, are very pleasant at this time. But […]

Heating and Cooling Technicians are in High Demand in San Diego County

This is a guest post from Dino Maiolo at Trip’n Promotions: Two years ago, before I had HVAC customers I didn’t realize exactly what the letters HVAC represented. Now I know. It stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Basically, a good HVAC specialist is one who installs and services heating and air units in […]