Keep Your Ducts and Filters Clean

Keep Your Ducts and Filters Clean

Good Housekeeping has given us a pretty extensive list of tips for you to keep the air inside your home clean and safe for your family. We have often recommended cleaning out your air and vent filters on a regular basis. Especially after the winter season, the vents help to filter out germs that circulate throughout your home. Remember all those sick relatives and kids? Well, those germs are sitting in your filters and can continue to circulate through your home.

We often pull out vents that are caked with dust and dirt because they haven’t been replaced in years. This is bad stuff. We recommend you replace your filters at least twice a year and have your entire HVAC system serviced annually, even if it doesn’t need it. Spring is a good time to do both.

It’s also important that consumer be on the lookout for air duct scammers. “Air duct scammers?” Yes, they’re out there and making a lot of money off unsuspecting home owners. Cleaning your filters is important, but many HVAC contractors convince home owners that they need a full air duct cleaning service, which is rarely needed.

Back to indoor air quality. There are simple things to remember like keeping smokers outside. You should also have carbon monoxide and radon detectors in your home. These gases are odorless and very dangerous. They can also be deadly so good detectors are important.

For the full list of indoor air quality measures you can take, go to the Good Housekeeping website. We’d write an article about it ourselves, but frankly, these guys have done a pretty good job of it already.

Van Johnson