Winter is Here

OK, so maybe it’s a little over the top with the image, but those who don’t think it gets cold in San Diego are greeted with a chilling surprise in the winter. In fact, did you know that November is often our coldest month? The temperature has gotten below freezing on a number of occasions during November and that’s all the more reason not to wait to get your heaters and furnaces inspected. Make sure their working properly so there are no cold surprises for you when you need it most.

Over the summer, furnaces get dusty and dirt particles can cause malfunctions. It’s not fun trying to heat a pilot light in the middle of the dark with numb fingers. Give us a call and we’lll do it all for you.

For new installations, try our state of the art Rheem heat pumps. They’ll provide you with enough warmth to heat your entire house and enough air conditioning to keep you nice and comfortable for those surprise heat waves in January.

If you live in the outskirts of the county in areas such as Escondido, Ramona, Poway, Lakeside and Alpine, then you’re no stranger to cold weather. You folks get the extremes. When it’s hot , it’s hot and when it’s cold, it’s freezing out there. The coastal areas are so much more moderate and don’t get the extremes that the rest of you do so be prepared.

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Van Johnson

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