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Bankers Hill homes in San Diego have unique HVAC situations with older homes and lots of remodels. So what’s the right air conditioning solution for you?

Airmakers Heating and Air will help you figure out which is the best unit for your home. Your technician will consider all the elements of your home, your needs, the climate and your budget to get you the perfect fit.

In addition to having some of the best prices for air conditioning installation in the county, Airmakers central cooling systems maximize output without maxing out your energy bill.



To put it simply, a central air conditioning unit circulates air through an entire home as opposed to a distinct space inside that home. Generally, the air is produced by an outside unit fitted with a motorized inflator or fan that forces cool air all through the house.

A system of air ducts is fitted throughout the home with filters that clean the air as it circulates. The exterior unit and the interior ductwork make central air a “split” process. Excess moisture and heat is also eliminated through vents that lead outdoors.

Is a central air conditioning system the best choice for Bankers Hill consumers?
Though there are both advantages and disadvantages, we believe a central air unit is an excellent option if your objective is to cool an entire home. Temperatures all through the household can be controlled from one location. Noise levels are minimized significantly as well since the primary unit is situated outdoors.

Cleaner Air for Your family
The air moving in the ducts and through the filters allow cleaner air for you and your family. As we’ll get into later, a centralized A/C unit often offers heat as well, providing an all-in-one solution.

Installation of Your Air Conditioning Unit
We will not call it a disadvantage, but you won’t be able to put in central air conditioning on your own. You’ll need to hire a professional HVAC specialist. Therefore, it’s the costliest air conditioning alternative for your home and set up may run a few thousand dollars.To get a better grip on price, call Airmakers at 858.530.1822 for the best prices for Bankers Hill homeowners.

If you have a mobile home or smaller space for which you need to regulate temperatures, you may want to consider options other than a central cooling system.

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Window Air Units

Window air conditioning units are usually single units that fit inside window openings or holes through a wall in your home.These units require no duct work and utilize very little wiring.

A Better Option for Regulating Just One Room
Window Air Conditioners can be a lot less expensive than central air. Their price varies from $100 to $300 or more, but they aren’t able to cool more than one room at any one time. If you’ve got a large house with multiple rooms, this can get pretty expensive. Small window units usually can be mounted by anyone, but large, heavy units might require an HVAC technician.

Ease of Use
Once hooked up, window units are usually quite simple to use. Most models even come with a remote control device. Trying to get each room at the perfect temperature is the hard part. Contrary to central air, which allows all rooms to be regulated from a single location in your home, every window unit in each room has to be turned up or down separately.

Compared to central air conditioner units, you won’t get the all-in-one heating and cooling with these units. You’ll need to find another option for the winter months such as a furnace, portable radiator or space heater.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless air conditioning units have gotten increasingly popular and is a good option if you’re on a budget. The unit is “split” because it has got both an inside and outside component, but they’re a lot less involved than the split system for central air conditioning units. The two components are joined by a conduit that only requires a small 3 inch hole unlike the whole window opening or large hole of a window unit. These systems cool a single area and typically come with a handy remote control to alter configurations.


The Advantages of Ductless
The installation of ductless mini-split systems is relatively basic and does not require intensive duct work. If you aren’t particularly mechanical, you’ll need the assistance of a qualified HVAC contractor to implement these units. They may not be suitable for large buildings, but can be a good option for home additions.

A ductless system can be quite inexpensive if you just have a small area to manage and if you know how to install it on your own. A few units are as cheap as $300 while full units can be as high as $3000.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the all-in-one system mentioned earlier. They furnish cold air during the warm months and warmth in winter. By using reversed air flow, the system can create either hot or cold air, depending upon the direction of the flow. Because it requires extensive duct work throughout your home as well as an exterior processing unit, heat pumps are viewed as a split system.

This may be the clearest choice if you live in Bankers Hill.
These units are our number one sellers because of their functionality and ability to control climate. Heat pumps have all the same advantages of other central cooling models and require the assistance of an HVAC contractor for installation. They will run a few thousand dollars for installation, depending upon the dimensions of your household. Contact Airmakers for an estimate at 858.530.1822. We’ve got some of the best pricing in town on heat pump installation.

Portable Air Conditioners

This could be your cheapest choice for cooling. They’re smaller and more light-weight, but pack quite a powerful punch for their size. You can buy them at hardware and big box outlets and will run between $100 and $300.

Think Twice, San Diego
Compact air conditioners frequently use a a good deal of energy and might add considerably to your power bill, especially during June through September. We don’t see them as a handy method if you want to cool an entire home.

Need even more solutions?

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