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As one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Diego, Bankers Hill has some unique requirements for heating and cooling. Though the temperatures in Bankers Hill are quite moderate throughout the year, homes are older and have typically had multiple renovations and upgrades. This means getting air—both hot or cold—to certain parts of the home can be tricky.

Airmakers’ technicians are experts at unique ventilation requirements and know how to efficiently ventilate each room without added stress on your heat pump, blower, fans or condenser. We give you high output at low energy consumption, which keeps you and your family comfortable while saving you money.

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Bankers Hill homeowners demand quality. By hiring a heating and air conditioning contractor with a 5-Star customer rating across all consumer review platforms, and an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau, you remove the risk of getting service and products that don’t meet your standards.

With Airmakers’ 15 years of experience and some of the lowest overhead of all San Diego HVAC contractors, you not only get professional installation, but discount prices as well.

Whether it’s a change out of an old system, a new installation to a room addition or just your yearly service inspection, Airmakers is the company to call for all things heating and cooling. We’re specialists, which means heating and air is all we do. This allows us to give you the best service at the lowest price.


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We often find that Bankers Hill homes often have old furnaces, radiators and outdated floor heaters. These can be replaced by much more energy efficient central heating from Rheem or Bryant with features such as a variable speed compressor, which provides for multiple stages of heat and variability in different rooms of your home.

Variable speed gas furnaces deliver heat quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to overheat your kitchen if you want to moderate the temperature in your living room. Our new heating systems provide optimum heat control so you don’t always have to go to the remote whenever it gets too cold.

We urge you to speak to your Airmakers technician about the specific heating needs in your home and we’ll provide a solution that meets all your requirements for heat regulation, temperature control and automation. All solutions include getting the most output for the least amount of energy use so you save money on your monthly heating bill.

Keep in mind that although Airmakers provides furnaces and other heating solutions, we often install central units that provide both heat and cool air. We find that for Bankers Hill homeowners, this is usually the best option.

For more on central heating, call an Airmakers technician today at (858) 530-1822 or visit our heating page.

Airmakers central air conditioning systems cool every nook and corner of your home while keeping your energy cost as low as possible. Our 5-stage variable speed operation allows for longer, lower stage cooling than the older models so you get the maximum savings without losing one bit of comfort.

Ultra quiet systems reduce noise by 25% so you can run your condenser at maximum output without even noticing that it’s on.

Get more precise temperature control. Soft start and fast ramp up operation means that your home cools down quickly and efficiently. No more waiting for cool air to reach the furthest part of your home. Rooms not only cool down fast, but their temperatures moderate evenly so you’re not freezing in one room while waiting for the temperature to cool in another.

Most of our installations are for both heating and air conditioning together. Installing one or the other is common, but we’ve found that most Banker Hill residents prefer to have a complete heating and cooling system installed. We will happily advise you on your options.

For more air conditioning options, contact an Airmakers technician at (858) 530-1822 or go to our air conditioning page.

Ductless, Mini-Split units are used to heat or cool a single area in your home. If you have a central cooling system already installed, for example, but for some reason one of your rooms or areas such as a garage, shed or patio room isn’t getting enough cool air, a ductless system may be the answer.

As the name suggests, there is no need to lay extensive ductwork because the system doesn’t pump air far enough to require it. Ductless, mini-split systems are an excellent choice if you want to heat or cool only one area. Even if the area is big, a mini-split system can often be enough to handle the job.

The system is comprised of two units, an outdoor condenser to collect and cool the air, and an indoor air handling unit to blow the air throughout a particular area.

Mini-split systems are also excellent if you want to heat or cool your home, but can’t afford to install a complete central HVAC system. We occasionally install ductless, mini-split systems in several rooms throughout one home.

Ductless units have come a long way in recent years and are much more sophisticated than the simple wall-mounted AC fans that are usually associated with them. There are ceiling and floor units as well as systems to match the décor of your home.

Air regulation and temperature control are very easy with ductless heating and cooling. Many units come with an app so you can control the temperature right from your smartphone.

For more about ductless, mini-split units, contact an Airmakers technician or go to our ductless mini-split page here.

Indoor air quality is among the most important considerations for homeowners throughout San Diego County. Since the level of pollutants inside your home increases every year, especially with older heaters and cooling systems, it’s important that you not only change out your filters once or twice a year, but you should also get an inspection of your home by a certified HVAC technician.

As homeowners, we possess many consumer products that emit toxins into the indoor environment of our homes. Although these toxins are often at very low levels and may not be harmful, enough pollutants released over time may present a health concern for you and your family.

This is why it is important to periodically get an inspection of your home and to replace filters, ducts and other components that might be adding to the toxins you are breathing.

For more information on your indoor air quality, contact an Airmakers technician today at (858) 530-1822 or go to our indoor air quality page here.

Airmakers takes several forms of payment for HVAC installations and maintenance. One of those options is our new 100% financing program which helps home owners pay for installations and change outs without having to come up with all the cash at once.

Getting your new central heating and cooling system financed is not difficult and you can get an approval pretty quickly. Give us a call at (858) 530-1822 and we’ll help you get it done.