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When the time comes to replace your old air conditioning unit, how can you determine which type is right for you? With over 2 decades of experience and some of the finest customer reviews of any HVAC professional, Airmakers would like to assist you in choosing the best AC unit for your home. The kind of model you’ll need for your house depends on a number of factors. Area, space, durability and budget are all necessary criteria. Most important, however, is the local weather and temperature range of the living area you want cooled.

Chula Vista is one of San Diego’s largest communities and with some of the recent development, it has become one of the most diverse as well. Temperature ranges vary almost as much as the unique neighborhoods so an HVAC contractor must be prepared with a variety of options for their customers. Given that diversity, let’s take a look at a few units that may be best for your home.



Central Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning is a method of cooling an indoor location in which a centralized component cools down and dehumidifies air before distributing it throughout the building. It usually incorporates a primary unit, which is located outside the building because noise is generated during the refrigeration cycles that cool the air and extract the moisture. A large blower inside the unit pushes air through ducts within the structure which will consistently cool the whole building.The structure, or home, is generally equipped with return air ducts that pull air through filters, eliminating pollution and restoring indoor air quality. The air conditioning unit also vents to the exterior, eliminating excess moisture and heat.

  • It will cool a house evenly and swiftly and can often be regulated to keep a consistent and ideal climate, keeping the entire structure comfortable, even while outside air temperatures fluctuate.
  • Considering the fact that the main unit is located outside the house, the inside noise level is significantly lower than other air conditioning units.
  • On account of its air filtration system, air throughout the home is much cleaner and healthier for your family.
  • A centralized air product can combine heating as well, making the system an all-in-one heater and A/C unit.
  • The disadvantage of central air conditioning could be that it calls for the assistance of a capable HVAC specialist to install. You can’t place it on your own.
  • Hence, it is the most expensive air conditioning unit for the home and installation likely will run a few thousand dollars. Call Airmakers Heating and Air at 858.530.1822 for an estimate.

Window Air Conditioners

These are single units that fit into windows or holes through a wall in your residence; they are self-contained units that take air from the outside and force it into a individual room.

  • These kind of models tend to be much cheaper than central air. Effective units could cost from $100 to $200, but usually only cool a single room.
  • After installation, window brands are easy to use. Current styles typically include a remote control.
  • If you have a lot of rooms, multiple units will get expensive. It’s possible to mount window air conditioners yourself, but it may require an HVAC specialist depending on the model as well as its placement.
  • Window air conditioning units really do not include heating solutions. For heat, you’ll have to look at space heaters or furnaces.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Units

Going ductless could be an good choice for anyone who can’t afford a new central air conditioning system. Just like central air, the system is “split” into an outdoor condenser and an indoor handling unit. A conduit joins the two components. These types of units cool only one room at a time, much like window air conditioners and usually include a handy remote control to adjust settings.

  • The good thing about ductless is they do not require the extensive ductwork and set up of a central cooling system, nor will they require a window or large hole like window systems. A ductless mini-split system generally only takes a 3 inch hole to link the indoor unit to the exterior compressor, which can be nearly fifty feet away. These kind of systems are ideal for retrofitting projects and room additions.
  • Ductless mini-split systems are cheaper than central air units, though more expensive than window air conditioners. A pretty good mini-split unit will normally run between $600 and as much as $3000, depending on the area being cooled.
  • Mini-split units are only able to cool just one room in your home so if you have many rooms, installation and operation will get expensive.
  • Managing temperature control in each room will be frustrating and difficult.
  • Similar to window brands, ductless systems do not incorporate heating options for the winter.

Heat Pumps

Notwithstanding their name, heat pumps are a kind of central air conditioning unit that also incorporates heat. This is the all-in-one unit mentioned previously. It’s a mechanical cooling system that can be reversed to offer hot as well as cold air to a regulated room. The main housing of this split system is positioned outside and uses ductwork to pass on cold or hot air around your home. These units are our leading sellers due to their capacity to control temperatures and energy usage.

  • Heat pumps offer the same benefits of other central cooling units.
  • They are often very efficient when it comes to energy use while providing powerful output for either cold or hot air flow.
  • Recent designs have gotten efficient at regulating individual room temperature ranges.
  • Heat pumps may run a few thousand dollars for complete installation, though it really depends on the size of your home.
  • They have to be installed by an experienced HVAC contractor. Call Airmakers Heating and Air for an estimate at 858.530.1822.

Portable Air Conditioners

These will be your cheapest alternative for cooling, though they’re best used for small spaces and as temporary remedies. Not a practical choice for cooling large areas, portable air conditioners aren’t a bad alternative for small living spaces, garages on hot days or to provide temporary relief from the heat in small room.

  • Although they are small when compared with other air conditioning units, portables can produce a good deal of cool air.
  • They are small, transportable and can be situated in almost any room with a power outlet.
  • Systems like this are available at almost all hardware and big box outlets and normally go between $100 and $300.
  • They often use up a great deal of energy and can add significantly to your energy bill.
  • They are not a practical solution if you need to cool an entire house.

Which unit is right for your home?

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