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When the time comes to change out your air conditioning unit, how do you know which type fits your needs? Airmakers Heating and Air is one of several outfits that frequently provides HVAC services to Del Mar consumers and we have installed air conditioners for virtually every scenario. It’s very important to consider factors such as reliability, guarantee, unit durability and price.

The climate and temperature variances of the region also play a significant role.As a coastal community, average Del Mar temperatures are pretty moderate, epecially compared to other San Diego neighborhoods, particularly, inland cities like Poway and Escondido. Considering the climate of Del Mar, let’s have a look at some systems that might be best for your home.



Central Air Conditioning

To put it simply, a central air conditioner moves air through an entire home as opposed to a specified space inside that home. In most cases, the air will be produced by an outdoor unit equipped with a blower or fan that forces cool air all through the house.The building, or residence, is generally equipped with return air ducts that pull air through filters, extracting pollutants and improving indoor air quality. Excess moisture and heat is also extracted through vents which lead outdoors.

The Case for a Central Air Conditioning Unit for Your Del Mar Home

There are many advantages of centralized air. It can cool your house evenly and quickly and can generally be managed to maintain an even and desirable temperature, keeping your home comfortable, even as outdoor air temperatures fluctuate. Noise levels are lowered greatly as well since the central unit is situated outside.

Cleaner Air for You and Your Family

Because of its air filtration process, air throughout the home is a lot cleaner and healthier for you and your family members. Though we’ll go into later, a centralized air system usually includes heat as well, rendering an all-in-one solution.

Work with a Professional HVAC Company

The problem with central air conditioning is that it requires the help of an experienced HVAC contractor to set up. You can’t install this system on your own. Because of this, it’s the costliest air conditioning alternative for your home and installation is likely to run a few thousand dollars.To get a better idea of the cost, contact Airmakers at 858.530.1822 for the best prices for Del Mar homeowners.

Window Air Units

It is likely you see these units more than almost every other HVAC system. That’s because they are very visible as they protrude from windows in many homes.These units need no duct work and use very little wiring.

A Cheaper Alternative

Window Air Conditioners are generally much less expensive than central air. Their cost varies from $100 to $300 or more, but they can’t cool more than one room at any one time. If you have a lot of rooms to keep cool, multiple units can get costly. Small window units can usually be mounted by anyone, but large, heavy units might require an HVAC professional.

Easy to Use

Getting your unit installed can be a challenge, but once they are in, window units tend to be very simple to use. More recent units often come with remote control. Trying to get every room at the perfect temperature is the tough part. Due to the fact each room needs to be adjusted separately, it can be a challenge going from room to room setting air temperature.Window ac units usually do not incorporate heating selections. For heat, you’ll need to look at space heaters or other heating units like furnaces or space heaters.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless units are getting to be ever more popular and is an excellent choice if you’re on a budget. Like central air conditioning, the unit is “split” into an outside compressor and an indoor handling unit. The two components are connected by a conduit that only requires a small 3 inch hole unlike the full window opening or large hole of a window unit. These systems cool a single area and usually include a handheld remote control to regulate temperature.

The Advantage of Ductless

The installation of ductless mini-split models is fairly easy and doesn’t involve intensive duct work. You may want the assistance of an HVAC technician depending on how wide-ranging your requirements are. These systems are perfect for retrofitting projects and room additions.A ductless system can be quite inexpensive if you have only a small area to regulate and if you know how to put it in on your own. A few units are as cheap as $300 while full units can be as high as $3000.

Heat Pumps

Notwithstanding the name, heat pumps are a type of central air conditioning which also incorporates heat. This is the all-in-one system mentioned above. It is a mechanical refrigeration system which may be reversed to either heat or cool a monitored space. The main housing of the split system is installed outside the house and uses ductwork to distribute hot or cold air through your house.

This could be your best preference if you reside in Del Mar.

These units are our best sellers because of their functionality and capacity to control climate. Heat pumps have all the same advantages of other central cooling systems and require the assistance of an HVAC contractor for installation. With parts and labor, you will typically invest a few thousand dollars on these units, depending on the size of your house. Contact Airmakers for an estimate at 858.530.1822. We’ve got the best prices in the area on heat pump installation.

Portable Air Conditioners

This will be your least expensive solution for in-home cooling. Though very small as opposed to other air conditioners, these systems can put out a lot of cool air if used in a small area and can be positioned in any area that has a power outlet. For roughly $100 to $300, you’ll be able to purchase one at most hardware or big box stores.

Is this really the best solution for Del Mar residents?

Because they do not cool a large space very efficiently and use a lot of power, it’s tough for us to endorse mini air conditioners. For cooling small areas, they are fine, but if you’re planning to manage the climate in a house, then it’s advisable to consider one of the other alternatives.

Get Certified HVAC Assistance

A number of the models named above could be a good choice for your family. Should you need help deciding, want a professional opinion or need an estimate, give us a call at 858.530.1822. We’ve helped many Del Mar consumers just like you find a practical, but powerful AC unit that fits within a limited budget. AN HVAC professional is waiting for your call.

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