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Getting a new air conditioner for you home in Jamul? Ultimately, you’ll need to talk with a trained HVAC contractor. To find the ideal system for your home, you’ll need to solicit the guidance of somebody that knows the heating and air business. A qualified professional will evaluate every variable to discover the best unit for your home, including the environment and heat range of your area.

San Diego county may be known for having a moderate climate, but Jamul could be the exception to the rule. When it it gets hot in San Diego, residents in Jamul feel like their in the oven. It gets hot out there and any HVAC contractor who knows the area, understands how important it is to have an efficient, reliable air conditioning unit operating in the home.When the HVAC contractor has finished the inspection of your home, they will probably have a thorough recommendation for you. But let’s not rush straight into everything just yet. Let’s consider several of the different kind of units.



Central Air Conditioning

Central air is a process of cooling an inside area in which a centralized component cools and dehumidifies air before disbursing it throughout the structure. Generally, the air will be produced by an outdoor unit fitted with a blower or fan which forces cool air throughout the house.The building, or house, is often equipped with return air ducts which draw air through filters, removing impurities and restoring indoor air quality. Excess heat and moisture will also be removed by way of vents which lead outdoors.

Why You Should Choose a Central Air Conditioning Unit for Your Jamul Home

Certainly, there are a lot of benefits of centralized air. It can cool a home evenly and quickly and can usually be managed to sustain an even and preferred temperature, keeping your home comfortable, even as outside air temperatures increase. Noise levels are minimized considerably as well since the primary unit is placed outdoors.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

The air moving from the ducts and through the filters offer better air for your family. As we’ll go into that in more detail in a moment, a central A/C unit commonly integrates heating as well, delivering an all-in-one solution.

Getting an HVAC Contractor to Install Your Air Conditioning Unit

We wouldn’t call it a disadvantage, but you will not be able to set up central air conditioning yourself. You’ll need to find a professional HVAC pro. Because of this, it is the most expensive air conditioning product for your home and set up will likely run a few thousand dollars.To get a better idea of the cost, call Airmakers at 858.530.1822 for the best prices for Jamul residents.

Window Air Units

You most likely see these units more than any other Heating and cooling system. That’s because they are very visible as they protrude from the side of some Jamul homes.These units demand no duct work and utilize very little wiring.

A Better Option for Cooling Only One Room

Window versions offer a much more cost-effective choice for those on a budget. Their cost varies from $100 to $300 or more, but they can’t cool more than a single room at any one time. For anyone with a big home with multiple rooms, this could get quite expensive. Small window units can usually be mounted by anyone, but large, heavy units might require an HVAC technician.


Getting it in the window can be a challenge, but once they are mounted, window units are very easy to use. Virtually all models even come with a remote control device. Getting each room at the right temperature is the difficult part. Unlike central air, which can be adjusted from one location in your home, every window unit in each room must be turned up or down individually.In contrast to central air conditioner units, you won’t get the all-in-one heating and cooling with these units. You’ll have to find another option for the cold weather such as a furnace, portable radiator or space heater.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split air conditioners can be very good selections for anyone who cannot afford a central air conditioning system. Like central air conditioning, the system is “split” into an exterior condenser and an interior handling unit. The two components are connected by a conduit that only takes a small 3 inch hole unlike the full window opening or large hole of a window unit. These systems are ideal for cooling one room and come with a remote control.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ductless

The benefit of ductless is that they do not require the broad duct work and setting up of a central air conditioning system. You may need the help of an HVAC specialist depending on how detailed your preferences are. Dutless systems are great for retrofitting projects and room additions.A ductless system can be quite economical if you have only a small area to regulate and if you know how to install it on your own. Some units are as cheap as $300 while full units may be as high as $3000.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the all-in-one application noted earlier. They provide cool air in the summer and heat in the winter. It’s a mechanical refrigeration process which may be reversed to either heat or cool a regulated space. The main housing of the split system is set up outside the house and utilizes ductwork to deliver hot or cold air throughout your home.

Heat Pumps Add Up for Jamul Residents

Heat pumps have proven to be our best sellers in Jamul. Their capability to regulate climate all year long combined with their energy saving benefits make them an attractive solution. As a central cooling solution, heat pumps necessitate the help of an HVAC contractor for installation. With parts and labor, you will typically spend a few thousand dollars on these units, depending on the size of your house. Airmakers installs a lot of heat pumps in Jamul and our pricing is among the best in the market. Call us today at 858.530.1822 for an estimate.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portables are the cheapest air conditioning units available. They’re smaller and more light-weight, but pack a pretty powerful punch for their size. For roughly $100 to $300, you’ll be able to purchase one at most hardware or big box stores.

Is this really a very good way to go for Jamul residents?

Because they do not cool a large space very well and use a lot of energy, it’s tough for us to advise mini air conditioning units. We do not see them as a realistic alternative if you need to cool a complete home.

Which system is ideal for you?

Should you be considering a new AC system for your home, contact Airmakers at 858.530.1822. We have helped hundreds of Jamul consumers just like you find a practical, but powerful Air conditioning unit that fits within a tight budget. AN HVAC specialist is waiting for your call.

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