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If it’s time to change out your old air conditioning unit, how do you know which type fits your needs? With more than 20 years of expertise and some of the best customer reviews of any HVAC company, Airmakers wants to assist you in choosing the ideal air conditioning unit for your home. It’s very important to consider factors such as reliability, guarantee, unit durability and cost. The weather and temperature fluctuations of the region also play an important role.

There are a lot of older homes in OB and sitting right on the beach, it may be hard to believe that residents have a need for a heating and air unit at all. You’d be surprised. We spend a lot of time changing out old systems in OB, even with its moderate climate.The age of many of the furnaces and air conditioners make them inefficient and costly. Homeowners want HVAC units that are more economical and cheaper to use. Let’s examine a few that may be ideal for your Ocean Beach, Point Loma or Sunset Cliffs home.



Central Air Conditioning Units

To put it simply, a central air conditioning unit moves air throughout an entire home rather than a distinct space within that home. In most cases, the air is generated from an outdoor unit equipped with a blower or fan which pushes cool air all around the home.The structure, or household, is normally fitted with return air ducts that pull air through filters, eliminating pollutants and improving indoor air quality. The air conditioning unit will also vent to the outdoors, eliminating excessive moisture and heat.

Is a central air conditioning system the best choice for Ocean Beach homeowners?

We believe a central air unit is an efficient choice. It is the most effective way for cooling an entire house and temperatures throughout the house can be regulated from one location. Because the central component is situated outside the house, the household noise level is a lot lower than other air conditioning units.

Improving the Quality of Your Indoor Air

Because of its air filtration process, air within the home will be much cleaner and healthier for you and your loved ones. A centralized air system will likely integrate heat as well, making you’re system an all-in-one heater and air conditioner.

Having an HVAC Company Put in Your Air Conditioning Unit

We will not refer to it as a disadvantage, but you won’t be able to put in your AC unit yourself. You’ll need to find a licensed HVAC pro. After you add parts and installation, a central air conditioner will probably be your most expensive alternative for Air conditioning.To get a better grip on price, contact Airmakers at 858.530.1822 for some of the best prices for Ocean Beach residents.

Window Air Units

Window air conditioners are usually single systems that fit within window openings or holes through a wall in your home.They’re self-contained systems that use air from the outside and drive it towards a specified room.

A Less Expensive Preference

These units can be much less expensive than central air. Their price varies from $100 to $300 or more, but they aren’t able to cool more than a single room at a time. If you’ve got a large home with many rooms, this could get quite expensive. Small window units usually can be mounted by anyone, but large, heavy units may require an HVAC technician.

How easy are window air conditioning units to use?

Once hooked up, window models are very easy to use. Newer styles usually come with remote control. Getting every room at the right temperature is the hard part. Because each room has to be adjusted individually, it can be a challenge going from room to room setting air temperature.In contrast to central air conditioner units, you won’t get the all-in-one cooling and heating with these systems. For warmth, you’ll need to look at space heaters or furnaces.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split air conditioning units can be great alternatives for anyone who cannot afford a central air conditioning system. Like central air conditioning, the unit is “split” into an exterior compressor/condenser as well as an interior handling unit. A conduit connects the two components. These units are great for cooling only one room and come with a remote device.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ductless

The luxury of ductless is that they don’t require the intensive duct work and setting up of a central air conditioning system. If you are not particularly mechanical, you might need the assistance of an experienced HVAC contractor to install these units. These systems are great for retrofitting projects and room additions.Ductless mini-split solutions are less expensive than central air units (usually), though more expensive than window ac units. A quality mini-split unit might run between $300 and up to $3000, depending on the space being cooled. Like window units, ductless systems do not feature a heat element.

Heat Pumps

Despite their name, heat pumps are a kind of central air conditioning which also incorporates heat. This is the all-in-one approach mentioned above. It’s a mechanical refrigeration device that can be reversed to either heat or cool a monitored space. The principle housing of the split unit is placed outside the house and uses ductwork to send hot or cold air through your home.

An Excellent Solution for Ocean Beach Residents

Heat pumps are unquestionably our greatest sellers in Ocean Beach. Their capability to control climate throughout the year along with their energy saving characteristics make them a great choice. As a central cooling system, heat pumps demand the help of an HVAC contractor for installation. With parts and labor, you will typically invest a few thousand dollars on these units, based on the size of your home. Airmakers installs lots of heat pumps in Ocean Beach and our pricing is among the lowest in the business. Give us a call at 858.530.1822 for an estimate.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable units are often the most economical air conditioning units on the market. Though they’re very small as opposed to other air conditioning units, these systems can put out a lot of cold air if applied to a small space and can be put in any room that has a power outlet. You can buy them at most hardware and big box retailers and will likely run between $100 and $300.

Not an efficient Alternative for Ocean Beach Residents

Since they don’t cool a large area very efficiently and use a lot of power, it’s difficult for us to suggest portable air conditioners. For small areas, they’re okay, but if you’re expecting to normalize the climate in a house, then it’s wise to consider one of the other options.

The Best Approach for Your Family

Airmakers has the top customer testimonials in the business. You will discover awesome ratings and reviews for us in Google, Yelp and other review websites. Would you like more? Call us at 858.530.1822. We’re here to help.

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