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When it gets hot, you want an air conditioning unit that’s dependable. With well over twenty years of expertise and some of the finest customer reviews of any HVAC company, Airmakers wants to assist you in choosing the best air conditioner for your home. It’s very important to take into consideration factors such as dependability, warranties, unit integrity and budget. The climate and temperature fluctuations of the area also play a considerable role.

Since it’s east of most of the city of San Diego, the temperatures in Tierra Santa can get a little warmer during the summer. It won’t get quite as hot as La Mesa or El Cajon, but certainly more than it’s neighbors in Kearny Mesa, Clairemont or Mission Valley. And since it’s primarily a suburban and residential community, there are a lot homes with various air conditioning systems. We service Tierra Santa homeowners on a regular basis.

Considering all that, we can have a look at the various kinds of systems available that some other Tierra Santa residents have installed in their homes.



Central Air Conditioning

Central air is a procedure of cooling an interior section of a home in which a centralized component cools and dehumidifies air before distributing it within the building. Normally, the air is produced by an outdoor unit fitted with a blower or fan which pushes cool air within the household.

A system of air ducts is fitted through the home with filters that clean the air as it circulates. The outdoor unit and the household ductwork make central air a “split” solution. The air conditioning unit will also vent to the outdoors, getting rid of excess moisture and heat.

Is choosing a central air conditioning unit a smart choice for Tierra Santa homeowners?

We believe a central air system is a great choice. It is the best approach for cooling an entire house and temperatures all through the household can be regulated from one location. Noise levels are reduced dramatically as well since the main unit is located outside the house.

Provide Your Family with Clean Air

The air moving in the ducts and through the filters render better air for your family. A central air system will combine heating as well, making you’re unit an all-in-one heater and AC system.

Work with a Professional HVAC Contractor

We aren’t going to call it a disadvantage, but you will not be able to put in central air conditioning yourself. You’ll need help from an accredited HVAC professional. Once you include parts and installation, a central air conditioner will be your most expensive alternative for Air conditioning.Airmakers are Tierra Santa veterans and our prices are among the best in town so phone us at 858.530.1822.

Window Air Units

Window air conditioners are usually simple systems that fit within window openings or holes through a wall in your home.These units demand no ductwork and use very little wiring.

A More Affordable Option

Window air units are generally less expensive than central air. Good units may range from $100 to $200, but usually can only cool one area. Should you have a lot of rooms to keep cool, several units will get costly. Small window units usually can be installed by anyone, but large, heavy units might require an HVAC specialist.

Simple to Use

Getting your unit installed may be a challenge, but once they are mounted, window units are very easy to use. Newer designs mostly come with remote control. The difficulty is trying to regulate an entire house. Unlike central air, which allows all rooms to be adjusted from one location in your home, every window unit in each room must be turned up or down individually.

Window air conditioning units really don’t incorporate heating features. To enable heat, you’ll need to look at space heaters or separate furnaces.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split air conditioning units can be excellent options for anybody who can’t afford a central air conditioning system. The system is “split” because it possesses both an out door and indoor element, but they’re a lot less involved than the split system for central air flow units. A conduit connects the two components. These units are ideal for cooling one room and come with a handheld remote control.

Usefulness and Quick Installation

The benefit of ductless is that they don’t need the extensive duct work and installation of of a central air conditioning system. You might need the aid of an HVAC specialist depending on how wide-ranging your needs are. They might not be suitable for large buildings, but can be a good option for room additions.

A ductless system can be very inexpensive if you only have a small area to manage and if you know how to put it in on your own. A good mini-split unit will often run between $300 and as much as $3000, depending on the location being cooled. Like window units, ductless systems usually do not incorporate a heat element.

Heat Pumps

Notwithstanding the name, heat pumps are a type of central air conditioning that also produces heat. This is the all-in-one approach mentioned above. By employing reversed air flow, the system can make either cold or hot air, based on the direction of the flow. Mainly because it requires thorough duct work throughout your household as well as an outside processing unit, heat pumps are considered a split system.

A Great Choice for Consumers in Tierra Santa

Heat pumps are our number one sellers because of their performance and capacity to regulate temperatures. Heat pumps have got all the same advantages of other central cooling systems and require the assistance of an HVAC contractor for installation. With parts and labor, you will typically invest a few thousand dollars on these units, based on the size of your home. Contact Airmakers for an estimate at 858.530.1822. We’ve got the best prices in the area on heat pump installation.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portables are the cheapest air conditioning units on the market. They’re more compact and more light weight, but pack a rather powerful punch for their size. You can purchase them at many hardware and big box stores and will run between $100 and $300.

Not a Practical Choice for Tierra Santa Folks

Since they don’t cool a large space very effectively and use a lot of energy, it’s difficult for us to endorse portable air conditioners. For cooling small areas, they are fine, but if you’re attempting to control temperatures in a house, then it’s wise to consider one of the other options.

The Perfect Solution for Your Home

A few of the units mentioned above may be a good solution for your home. If you’d like help deciding, want a qualified opinion or need an estimate, contact us at 858.530.1822. We’ll help you find an AC unit that’s not only practical and powerful, but one that fits within your budget. A technician is standing by now to help solve all your concerns.

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