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If it’s time to replace your old air conditioning unit, how do you know which type meets your needs? Airmakers Heating and Air is among several companies that regularly provides HVAC services to University City consumers and we have installed air conditioning units for virtually every problem. The type of model you’ll need for your residence relies on numerous factors. Area, living space, dependability and budget are all necessary criteria. Most importantly, however, will be the climate and heat range of the living space you need cooled.

Right in the middle of the city of San Diego is University City, named for its proximity to the University of Califronia at San Diego. Just east of La Jolla, University City temperatures are not quite as moderate as the coast, but are certainly not as extreme as its neighbors to the east such as Miramar and Tierra Santa. Regardless, homeowners there still need relief from the ocassional hot summer days so with that in mind, we can have a look at a few of the different kinds of systems other University City consumers have installed in their homes.



Central Air Conditioning

Central Air Conditioning is a method of cooling an indoor location where a central system cools and dehumidifies air flow before circulating it within the structure. It often incorporates a main unit, which is situated outside the building since noise is created during the refrigeration cycles that cool the air and removes the humidity. A large ventilator inside the unit pushes air through ducts in the structure that can consistently cool an entire building.The structure, or household, is generally fitted with return air ducts that draw air throughout filters, eliminating contaminants and restoring indoor air quality. The air conditioning unit also vents to the exterior, getting rid of surplus heat and moisture.


  • It will cool a home consistently and quickly and will often be regulated to keep a uniform and desirable temperature, keeping your home comfortable, even while exterior temperatures rise.
  • Since the main unit is situated outdoors, the inside noise level is a lot lower than many other air conditioning units.
  • As a result of its air filtration system, air flow through the home is much cleaner and healthier for your family members.
  • A centralized air device can include heating as well, making the system an all-in-one heater and air conditioner.


  • The drawback to central air conditioning could be that it demands the help of a qualified HVAC specialist to set up. You cannot fit it yourself.
  • Therefore, it is the most expensive air conditioning unit for your household and installation may run a few thousand dollars. Call Airmakers Heating and Air Condtioning at 858.530.1822 for an quote.

Window Air Conditioners

As single units that fit within windows or holes through a wall in your house; they are self-contained units that bring air from the outside and drive it into a specific room.


  • These units can be much cheaper than central air. Nice units can range from $100 to $200, but usually only cool a single room.
  • Once installed, window units are extremely easy to use. Current designs almost always include a handheld remote control.


  • If you have a lot of rooms, multiple units will get costly. You could install window air conditioners yourself, but it may require an HVAC professional depending on the system and its placement.
  • Window air conditioners do not incorporate heating solutions. For heat, you’ll need to look at space heaters or furnaces.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Units

Getting a ductless mini-split unit is often an good alternative for anyone who cannot afford a new central heating and air system. Like central air, the system is “split” into an outside compressor/condenser and an interior handling unit. A conduit joins the two systems. These kind of units cool just one room, simillar to window air conditioners and usually include a handheld remote control to change settings.


  • The good thing about ductless is that they don’t require the substantial ductwork and installation of a central cooling system, nor will they require an open window or large hole like Window air systems. A ductless mini-split system ordinarily only needs a 3 inch gap to link the inside unit to the exterior compressor, which can be up to fifty feet away. These kind of units are good for retrofitting projects and room additions.
  • Ductless mini-split systems are cheaper than central air units, although more expensive than window air conditioners. A good mini-split unit will usually run between $600 and up to $3000, depending on the area being cooled.


  • Mini-split units can only cool just one room so if you have lots of rooms, installation and operation can get expensive.
  • Managing temperature control in each room will be time consuming and difficult.
  • Like window AC units, ductless systems do not integrate a heating element.

Heat Pumps

Notwithstanding their name, heat pumps are a form of central air conditioning unit that also integrates heat. This is the all-in-one system stated earlier. It’s a automatic refrigeration system that can be reversed to either heat or cool a controlled room. The principle housing of this split system is situated outside and employs ductwork to dispense hot or cold air through your home. These models are our biggest sellers due to their ability to change temperature ranges and energy conservation.


  • Heat pumps supply similar features of other central cooling units.
  • They are often very efficient when it comes to energy use while supplying powerful output for either cold or hot air.
  • Current designs have become efficient at regulating individual room temperatures.


  • Heat pumps could easily run a few thousand dollars for complete installation, depending on the area you need regulated.
  • They have to be put in by a skilled HVAC contractor. Call Airmakers for an estimate at 858.530.1822.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable AC units will be your least expensive choice for home cooling, even though they’re best used for small areas and as short-term remedies. Not a practical solution for cooling major areas, portable air conditioners may not be a bad alternative for small additions, garages on warm days or to offer momentary relief from the heat in small room.


  • Given they are small compared to other air conditioning units, portables can produce a good deal of cool air.
  • They tend to be small, convenient and can be placed in any room that’s got an outlet.
  • Systems like this can be purchased at almost all hardware and big box retailers and frequently run between $100 and $300.


  • They typically use a large amount of electricity and may add significantly to your power bill.
  • They are not an efficient solution if you wish to cool a large home.

Get Certified Heating and cooling Assistance

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