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Weather Underground

Summer is trying to get to us in San Diego, but local weather conditions don’t seem to be cooperating quite yet. There are a lot of better ways to get your weather report these days. Almost every phone has a weather feature built right into it and if it doesn’t there are plenty of free […]

Make Sure You Get Your Full 2012 HVAC Tax Credit

ENERGY STAR has announced 2012 tax credits for high efficient heating and air units. For products “placed in service” in 2012, consumers need to file the 2012 version of IRS Form 5695 and submit it with the 2012 taxes. The deadline is the same day all federal taxes are due, April 15th, 2013. On the […]

Beat the Heat in San Diego this Summer

As summer approaches, you want to make sure your air conditioning system is in proper working order, before it gets too hot.  Too many times, consumers wait until the temperatures rise before they call an air conditioning expert. This can put you on a waiting list while your family bakes in the summer heat. In […]

Big Deals for Ductless, Mini-Split-System Heat Pumps around the San Diego Area

With regards to San Diego heating and air conditioning companies, winter can be a astonishingly stressful time of the year. Considering the area just got through its coldest summer in 75 years, they’re not taking any chances.At the moment, temperatures appear to be fairly moderate, and in fact, are very pleasant at this time. But […]

Heating and Cooling Technicians are in High Demand in San Diego County

This is a guest post from Dino Maiolo at Trip’n Promotions: Two years ago, before I had HVAC customers I didn’t realize exactly what the letters HVAC represented. Now I know. It stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Basically, a good HVAC specialist is one who installs and services heating and air units in […]

San Diego Heating And Cooling Solutions

During the old days, air conditioning systems used to be rather hazardous to the atmosphere, but with the eco-friendly movement, pressure has been put on the market in order to not simply be much more efficient, but to operate clean as well as healthy. Models no longer use ozone depletion materials such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs. […]

Should you install a new AC unit this year?

During the old days, air conditioning products ended up being rather damaging to the atmosphere, but with the eco-friendly movement, pressure has been placed on the marketplace in order to not merely be more efficient, but to operate clean as well as healthy. Models no longer utilize ozone depletion elements such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs. At […]

Big San Diego Cost Savings with Reverse Cycle Air Flow

Reverse cycle air conditioners tend to be deemed the most popular and have been in use for numerous years. In essence, they will receive air from the outside and relocate it inside an individual’s household, cooling it while it does so. The exterior heat will be contained by a refrigerant which will be passed through […]

Finding the Best Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in San Diego County

Heating and cooling in San Diego, may not be as challenging as in other areas within the country. Indeed, our climate is pretty moderate, unless you live in east county or north county inland. There, residents seem to get the extreme conditions. In the winter, Escondido and Ramona will get mighty cold. During the warm […]

San Diego Air Conditioning Contractor has Deals to Beat this Heat

As predicted by AIRMAKERS in an earlier statement last week, the heat has arrived. The San Diego air conditioning and heating company has prepared for the summer with special discounts for both new installations and repair work. It took a while to get here, but the sun and heat have finally made their appearance this […]

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