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AIRMAKERS heating and Air Discounts for San Diego

All through July AIRMAKERS Heating and Air will be providing discounts on new Rheem air conditioning units in honor of our country‚Äôs independence. Receive $100 off any Rheem system to cool your home and cool your family. In some cases your savings will be a lot more and your comfort, never better. Granted, the temperature […]

What is reverse cycle airflow?

Reverse cycle air conditioners are considered the most common and have been in use for many years. Essentially, they take air from the outside and transfer into your house, cooling it as it does so. The outside heat is captured by a refrigerant that is passed through an external coil and functions on basis of […]

Finding a Good Heating and Air Contractor

Heating and cooling in San Diego, may not be as problematic as in other parts of the country. Indeed, our climate is relatively moderate, unless you live in east county or north county inland. There, residents seem to get the extremes. In the winter, Escondido and Ramona can get mighty cold. In the summer, El […]

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