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Ductless air conditioners, or mini-split systems, are among the most popular AC components on the market. The main advantages of mini split air conditioners are their small size and flexibility for zoning or heating and cooling individual rooms. Airmakers are local San Diego ductless mini-split specialists. Call Airmakers at (858) 530-1822 to find out if a ductless mini-split system is right for your home.

A mini-split system is not going to cool down a large home, but they work very well for smaller spaces and individual rooms. They are a lot safer than clunky window fans and A/C units and certainly a lot safer. With a heat pump or larger air conditioning unit, duct work is usually need to to deliver cool air throughout the home. This can drive installation costs too high for those on a budget.


Why Choose a Ductless Mini Split System

The following bullet points are a few other reasons to consider a ductless mini-split AC unit:

    • Reduce Noise -The indoor units are typically no noisier than a standard domestic fan and are relatively quiet. This adds to their popularity and are both more efficient and less noisy than individual air conditioning units and window fans.
    • No Air Ducts Required – If your house already has insulated ductwork, air conditioning can be added to the existing furnace. If your house is without ducts, look into a high velocity mini-duct system.
    • Convenience – Another advantage of ductless mini-split systems is convenience and security. You don’t have to move a spilt system in and out of the window as the seasons change, nor do you have the open-window security concerns of a moveable unit.
    • Affordability – If you are on a budget, a ductless mini-split system is likely the right choice for you. They are much cheaper than traditional HVAC units, but still provide comfort to limited areas.

Airmakers has been installing ductless mini-split systems for many years and our technicians are among the most experienced mini-split experts in San Diego County. For more information on ductless, please call us at (858) 530-1822 or fill out our online request form and a technician will call you as soon as possible.

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