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If you’re building a new home or engaged in a remodel project, AIRMAKERS HEATING AND AIR is your HVAC subcontractor. Our veteran crews will install the right system to fit within your budget and deadline.

You don’t want to give your client a cheap HVAC system, but you need to watch your budget as well. This is the perfect scenario for AIRMAKERS. We offer a variety of systems from efficient, but economical  furnaces and air conditioners to Prestige 2-stage heat pumps, all with homeowner warranties and an ENERGY STAR rating. Our crew will facilitate the complete installation from start to finish so each room stays at the perfect temperature in all seasons.




As a new home builder or remodeler, you need subcontractors you can rely on. Airmakers Heating and Air Conditioning has been working within the San Diego County home construction industry for years. We’re licensed and insured to work on your job site.

Home builders hire us because we get the job done quickly and efficiently, allowing you to complete your project on time. We provide quick turn-around and can work on multiple projects at once, from estate homes to condominiums. Hire us for small commercial units as well.

We provide completion of home heating and air conditioning systems including delivery, installation, testing and rework in case there are any changes before or after the job is finished. We work according to your specifications and requirements, offering expert advice when needed.

We realize job sites can provide unique challenges so we’re always careful, yet flexible enough to work alongside other subcontractors to ensure successful completion. From central heating and cooling to fans, ductwork and insulation, our crews will insure your client is completely satisfied with their new home heating and air conditioning system. Here are some highlights of hiring Airmakers:

  • We’re a Licensed Contractor
  • Our Crews are Insured
  • Serving All San Diego County
  • Experts in New Construction
  • We Install All Heating Systems
  • We install All A/C Systems
  • We Provide Full Ductwork
  • We’re a Turn-Key HVAC Contractor
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Your Satisfaction is Our Goal
  • The Best Prices in Town
  • Owner Availability


Airmakers offers start-to-finish heating and air conditioning systems from manufacturers like Rheem, Bryant, Trane, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. We install heaters, furnaces, heat pumps, ductless mini-split units as well as all ductwork, wiring and insulation. When our crews are finished, your home will have a highly efficient, fully operational heating and air system.


Our Rheem and Bryant 14-18 SEER air conditioners and heat pumps feature high-performance compressors with special overload protection, a sound blanket for quiet operation, aluminum fan coils and refrigeration-grade copper tubing throughout. Or, we can install air conditioners and heat pumps that offer outstanding ratings of up to 13 SEER with a furnace coil up to 13+ with a variable speed blower. Like the 14-18 SEER systems, these units feature a high-performance compressor with overload protection. Additional features include a temperature-activated crankcase heater, extra-quiet condenser fan and refrigeration-grade copper tubing and aluminum fan coils to improve efficiency.

For outstanding new construction and remodeling value, we offer units with SEER rating from 10 to 11 as a result of their high-performance compressor (once again, featuring overload protection), aluminum fan coils and refrigeration-grade copper tubing. The condenser fans in these systems are extremely quiet as well.


Our maximum 92% efficiency two-stage gas furnaces are top of the line units. They offer an ultra-quiet operation from their insulated blower compartment, a heat loss reduction feature and a safety-inspired “next-generation” silicon nitride heat surface ignition.

Next up is our premium furnaces offering outstanding energy-saving efficiencies of up to 90%. Depending on the model, they include multiple installation options and quiet operation. Like our maximum efficiency units, they come with a heat loss reduction feature from their insulated blower compartment, a 4-speed blower motor and safety ignition system.

Finally, our standard furnaces provide the most savings and a great value with 80% efficiency rating as a result of their two-stage gas valve system. These babies are super-efficient, have a variable-speed circulator motor and are quiet with an efficient, two-speed induced-draft combustion blower motor system. With their extremely quiet operation and patented stainless-steel heat exchanger, these systems are a top seller for home builders and general contractors.

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